Avalon locates and inspects conduit, pipes and tanks using the latest tech in non-destructive testing and powerful cameras.

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30 years of experience in resolving utility related issues.

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Utility Location

 Avalon has a proven record of   locating underground pipes, cables, conduit, and tanks regardless of their composition. 

Pipe Inspection

    Avalon Offers a complete range of video inspection systems and utility services. Avalon has provided an array of internal video inspections for industries such as: 

U.S. Department of Energy


Nuclear Power Generation Plants

PetroChemical and Oil Refineries

Pipeline and Major Construction Companies

  Most inspection systems we use provide standard video outputs for video capture and/or recording into a digital file, which we can then give you the link to, or DVD format for documentation. These systems include Bore Scope systems for small diameter inspection.  

 Options for these systems include:


Water Proof      

Extended Length

High Strength     

Cable Systems         

Remote Focus           

Selectable Auto/Remote Iris Options             

Portable Power Systems
non-destructive testing

underground detecting and imaging 

utilities services leak detection

Leak Detection

Using highly advanced sonic and ultrasonic equipment is part of how Avalon resolves problems that involve the use of poor sound conductors such as plastic or cements.


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